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We can simplify our work Flow. Please provide us your exact requirement, we can customize the entire process such that, you can get the desired results with minimum efforts and time.

Some Solutions are listed

Maintaining Cleanliness is very important aspect in most of the parts used in Fluid Circuits, Engines, Hydraulic Systems also in Pharmaceutical injectables and fluids. Clemex PSA and Clemex Filter Paper system can analyse the particulate contamination level as per the international standards like ISO 16232, ISO 4406, ISO 4407, USP 788 etc.... also can be configured to many industry standards like PV, VW, Toyota, ZF, Volvo etc.... Also you can have the flexibility of one system capable of doing contamination analysis at same time complete automated metallography.


Microscope Industrial / Stereo Zoom, Motorized stage, Autofocus, Metallography package, 3D rendering etc.

Weld Penetration Analysis System

Microscopic Weld Penetration Measurement System can produce comprehensive report for the weld measurement in parts and components as per ISO 5817 or any Industry Specific Standard. The parts can have multiple weld joints and can have several type of weld joints. This system comprises of High Performance Aberration free Stereo Zoom Microscope along with High Resolution Camera and Powerful Image Analysis Software. The system ensures highest accuracy and reliability.

Automated Porosity Level Analysis System for Non Ferrous Castings

Clemex Porosity Analysis System produces accurate measurement of Porosity Levels adhering to international standards or Industry specific Standards. This system can be configured to produce completely automated result with Grade and level as per standards. Porosity analysis as per TRW EN 8800, VW 50097, PV 6097 and many other industry specific standards. A Complete Automated System, you can depend upon.